07.19.14 / Alexandria & Rian / The Shakespeare Club / Pasadena Ca

 "The Lovers" titled the invitation. Alex and Rian's wedding was literally an ethereal garden. From the Tarot deck, "The Lovers" represents the impulse that drives us out of the Garden and into adulthood. Sometimes, that impulse manifests as curiosity; sometimes it manifests as sexual desire; sometimes it manifests as duty to each other.  Whatever it is, once we have stepped past its threshold, there is no returning to the garden. This is in all simplicity the card of human love.

 The ceremony was held within the courtyard at The Shakespeare Club. The Flower Garden transformed the space with stunning foral arrangements. Styled to perfection by Alex herself and seamlessly executed by wedding planner Lisa Lynn Kramer. 

Thank you, Nathan Pung for helping me with the photography and the delicious dinner by The Kitchen Catering. It was my dream wedding to photograph. 




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